Imported from Italy – The machine has been designed for the user looking for excellent productivity and reliability combined with low operating costs and ease of use. High productivity obtained by operating at sustained working speed, with low power absorption. 

The ENTRY is a very resistant round baler, created to be used with reduced power tractors; the small footprint allows passage in narrow places and work with significant slopes.


Imported from Italy – Bellon lucerne and grass mowers are available with discs or drums, rear or front mounted. The more common disc mowers are available as three, four, five, or six disc. Versions with conditioner are available. These robust low maintenance machines are designed to perform for many years.


Trailed mowers with sizes 2,4 and 3,2 meters, mounted on three point of tractor with the dual advantage of being trailed as well as having the ability to vary the height in all conditions also available for front mounting. The gearbox allows a large rotary angle when handling. The primary transmission is made in an oil bath gearbox and the secondary by gears.

The cutting height adjustment is done by registering through the crank. The front linkage type enables the driven mower to follow the soil profile with extreme precision and smooth over bumps and dips decreasing the risk of damage to the cutter bar. The mower is equipped with a self-levelling suspension.

The double spring suspension allows an optimal adjustment of the weight of the mower on the ground ensuring a clean cut and without any damage to the turf. Equipped with swath squeeze kit that allow the formation of a central or a side swath.